Sample pages of the English translation:


Tigerfibel – what is inside?

The Tiger tank manual, "Tigerfibel", is divided into sections, each dedicated to the basic responsibilities of one of the 5 crew members, this being:

Below are a few Tigerfibel sample pages from the English translation, titled "Tigerfibel" Pzkpfw VI "Tiger" I (Sd.kfz.181): The original Tiger Tank Manual - An authentic translation, as originally published in 1997.

These pages allow the avid aspiring reader to get a basic idea of what to expect, and get a glimpse of what awaits inside the book. These are just 5 pages of a total of 178 (appendix and Translator’s Note included). The page numbers correspond to the numbering in the translation, not the original.

Read and study in comfort

Specifically, these sample pages afford the ability to see how the zoomed format used for the translation facilitates the dissemination of various detailed illustrations found throughout the book.

When reading this book in 11" x 8.5" (landscape) format, there is simply so much more to discover which in the originally dimensioned layout the eye cannot appreciate, or even see.

Zooming the illustrations larger also made it feasible to actually translate the various inscriptions and text details inserted into the drawings into English. These text snippets often constitute an important part of the message, and would remain nearly illegible at the German original’s size.

This is just one of many good reasons why the title of this book, being the first and only originally conceived English translation of "Tigerfibel", says: "… - An authentic translation".


Tigerfibel sample pages

The first 3 pages are taken from the driver’s section, the 4th one concerns the gunner’s tasks, and the "Cloverleaf-chart" shown below is of course the tank commander’s main focus.

Page 4 – Driver


Driver's section with basic specifications of the tank

Page 14 – Driver


Driver's section, on fuel consumption and range, on road and in terrain

Page 40 – Driver


Driver's section, on running gear function and maintenance

Page 76 – Gunner


Gunner’s section, on measuring target size, lead and ranging

"Cloverleaf-chart" (Appendix)

This page is adapted from one of the armor intelligence charts folded and stored in the book cover’s back pocket. All of these armor intelligence and armor penetration charts have been segmented and adapted as 11" x 8.5" (landscape) format, over several pages as needed.

This particular page deals with the "Cloverleaf-chart", which provides data on enemy tank vulnerability, and, conversely, survivability of the Tiger I tank itself. The exact meaning and how to read these charts is explained in the chapter for the tank commander inside the book, on page 96 ff. of the translation (page 86 of the German original).


This is one of the "Cloverleaf-charts" for enemy armor vulnerability assessment, in this case for the situation when the Tiger I is facing off against a Soviet KV I tank.

There is one "Cloverleaf-chart" each for the 5 main opponents thought likely to be encountered on the battlefield, from August 1943 onwards, namely:

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