About the 1997, 1998, 2014, and 2022 editions:


The original Tiger tank manual translated into English

The first books of the English translation were printed in 1997. Printing of the text block section was done using high-quality Xerox processes, by the folks at Printwell in Norge, VA. They offered fantastic customer service and were always ready to go the extra mile to make things happen.

These books were bound by staples, using a high-leverage oversized stapler. The actual binding was done by the publisher himself, not the printer. The heavy-duty staples were encased in a spine. While this method of book-binding may seem improvised, it certainly proved to be durable. Select specimen of this first printing are still available for sale today, a quarter of a century later, marked “fine” or “good” condition:

1997 FOR SALE 2023

First edition, as published in 1997, for sale as used/antique title in 2023

The cover and spine were made from solid khaki-colored carton, and red kraft paper. The main idea of the kraft paper spine was to encase and conceal the staples. Few books are fashioned in this manner. Worthy of note, in all these years very few complaints have ever been heard about this particular style of binding, cover, and spine design.

Published under the “Teutonia Publications” imprint in 1997, this book title was promoted using these ads:


1997 advertising in "Journal of Military Ordnance", Volume 7, No.4

People found out about the book by reading these ads in magazines (e.g. “Journal of Military Ordnance”, “Military Trader”, "Battle Cry"), and sent checks or Western Union money orders in blind faith, on advance credit. The internet was still in its infancy in those days, Amazon was not yet a household name, and no one dared to use a credit card online.


1997 advertising in "Battle Cry", Volume 3, No.4

There was quite a lot of interest. Orders came from far and wide, indeed from all over the world – as far away as Japan, Australia, and Latin America. Book orders were often accompanied by a respectfully written, formal cover letter. Selling books in those days was really a rewarding, gratifying experience.

In an effort to promote wholesale distribution, quite a stack of this first edition was mailed out as complimentary samples to various specialized booksellers in the continental United States.

Furthermore, several magazines and publications received a sample copy of the book, with a request to publish an honest and impartial book review. And quite a few of them did just that – find out more on the page about book reviews.

1997 - 1st edition, by Teutonia Publications | 174 pages

Indeed, quite a few specialty booksellers took up the offer and proceeded to list this title in their catalogue. Rather substantial wholesale orders from fine booksellers, namely RZM Imports of Connecticut, J.J. Fedorowicz of Canada, and Portrayal Press of Andover, NJ are recalled with gratitude and appreciation.

1 booth for 1 book - Fort Indiantown Gap

The book was also sold at several military enthusiast and reenactor events. Quite a crazy idea to book a booth at an event for the purpose of selling just one book title … but that is exactly what happened at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA in November 1997, at the popular reenactors’ meet.

"Battle of the Bulge" - IMAGE GALLERY

1997 reenactment and militaria show at Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA

Upon arrival, the trunk was full, the tank was empty. When leaving that event, the trunk had been lightened by 3 quarters of the book cases carried, but filling up the tank again was now no longer a problem ...


1st edition, distribution by Portrayal Press from 1998

In 1998 it was decided to cooperate with Portrayal Press of Andover, NJ, for distribution. This seemed a logical choice, given that the owner, Mr. Dennis Spence, a capacity in the field of military books, had established his company as THE authority on military manuals of all kinds.

1998 & 2000 - 1st edition, by Portrayal Press | 174 pages

This is the cover of the last print run of the 1st edition of “Tigerfibel” Pzkpfw VI “Tiger” I (Sd.kfz.181): The original Tiger Tank Manual - An authentic translation:

1st EDITION 2000

First Edition, book cover of 2nd printing by Portrayal Press, as of year 2000


2nd edition, distributed by Portrayal Press from 2014

In 2014, a reconstituted Portrayal Press, now of Branchville NJ, driven by new initiative and leadership, digitized the proofs handed to Mr. Spence 16 years earlier. They made a solid effort to adapt the new edition to modern production methods. This was complemented by their catchy new cover design, well received in the enthusiast community in both US and UK markets.

2014 - 2nd edition, by Portrayal Press | 178 pages

This is the cover of the 2014 2nd edition of “Tigerfibel” Pzkpfw VI “Tiger” I (Sd.kfz.181) : The original Tiger Tank Manual - An authentic translation:

2nd EDITION 2014

2014 2nd edition, book cover design © Portrayal Press LLC

2014 2nd edition found in The Tank Museum gift shop

Worthy of note, for many years this 2014 edition was carried in inventory by The Tank Museum at Bovington, UK, in their gift shop. They stopped selling this title in early 2022.

The Tank Museum gift shop was a reseller of this title, not the publisher.


2014 2nd edition available from gift shop at The Tank Museum, Bovington, UK (until 2022)

As digital printing technologies evolved, image quality could be further improved. This required input from the original author/translator, with physical access to the same files and documents used to create the original book back in 1997. The digital proof copy was updated for modern processes and systems, to prepare for new printings.


3rd edition by Teutonia Publications (2022)

The new edition is published once more under the “Teutonia Publications” imprint. Modern standards, methods, and systems are now used in printing and fulfillment to supply this title to a global readership of enthusiasts.

2022 - 3rd edition, by Teutonia Publications | 178 pages

3rd EDITION 2022

2022 3rd edition by Teutonia Publications, book cover design © All Rights Reserved


Tigerfibel PDF

Scans of the German original published in PDF format afford the opportunity of studying where German text is actually embedded in drawings and illustrations.

In the English translation of “Tigerfibel”, originally published in 1997 under the Teutonia Publications imprint, each and every instance of such embedded text is already implemented as an English language rendering. This is just one reason why the title of the book says: “… - An authentic translation”.

Any storage, retrieval, or transmission of the English translation in any electronic format is strictly prohibited, and has never been authorized. This includes the aforementioned illustrations. Anyone in possession of an English Tigerfibel PDF version of this publication uses a pirate copy and should be aware of the legal consequences of such possession, and its dissemination.

Take a quick look inside the book and find out where your new copy of the English translation of Tigerfibel for sale can be found, available from fine booksellers authorized by the publisher.

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