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Military Vehicles Magazine, May/June 1997

...Thisis a large format book printed on white paper with excellent-quality enlargementsof all the original illustrations...The contrast between this manual andthe ones produced for operators of U.S. vehicles is dramatic...In manyrespects, the book is far more than a mere manual. It gives the readera glimpse into the leaders and the soldiers of Nazi Germany...There isabsolutely no other book on the market like this one.

Battle Cry, Winter 1997

...Themanual is not only full of really neat facts and pictures of the TigerTank, but also has little poems and cartoons to teach tankers such thingsas conserving gas, range finding, and radio operation...It is surprisinghow much information they gathered on opposing armor...This translatedmanual will delight not only German armor fans, but also model builders...

The Military Advisor, Fall 1997

Thisis an exact translation of the original manual, complete with all the charts,photos, and cartoons. For lovers of the "Tiger" tank, this is a wonderfuladdition to your reference library.

Axis Europa Journal, Volume III, Number III, Issue 13

Thisis a fantastic book to have if you are interested in German Tiger tanks,or if you are an armor aficionado in general. The translator...decidedto publish the book as written...(this) is actually the book's savinggrace. Because it was translated word for word it can be considered tobe a historical piece of work, both in the technical information that itprovides and social context, vis-a-vis, how Nazi-Germany saw her enemies...

Armored Fighting Vehicle News, May/August 98

Atlong last, an English translation is available of the famed manual forGerman Tiger tank crews, the "Tigerfibel". Reprints of this manual havebeen available for some ten years, but...did not contain the entire contentsof the original...A very nice touch is (the) attempt to translate the rhymingGerman "Mottos" and "Morals" into English rhymes...this translation isa valuable addition to the Panzer student's library.

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