The Original Tiger Tank Manual - An Authentic Translation

This is the cover of the new 2014 edition

This book is an authentic English translation of the original German manual issued to WWII Tiger tank crews in 1943. It was the most widely distributed field manual on the Eastern Front. In stark contrast to any military documents previously published by the German military, a style using cartoons, limericks and other entertaining features was employed.


The Original Tiger Tank Manual contains the main text of the "Tigerfibel" together with a sizeable appendix featuring the various armor intelligence and armor penetration charts supplied with the original manual.

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All illustrations are enlarged four-fold over their original size, the book is perfect bound 8.5 x 11 and has 174 pages.

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This book is available from the Portrayal Press, Branchville NJ. Please contact Portrayal Press using the link below:

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